Posted by: gmontealegre | April 19, 2010

Iceland Volcano affects travel for my other sister and brings joy

So, one sister was traveling to Italy and Paris to promote hair care, the other, a medical doctor was taking a well deserved rest. But now their meeting in Europe will not coincide because of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull that has been erupting for the past 30 days.

You all know my other sister’s ordeal in Bologna. Now I hear my other sister who had planned to travel to Paris last Friday was asked to fly to North Carolina from Tampa, to see if planes would be able to fly from there. After spending two days in North Carolina, she and her husband returned to Tampa unable to fly to Paris.

But since her vacation had been scheduled and she needed the rest, my sister decided to travel in the opposite direction. She booked her getaway to Colombia, South America. Our parents happen to be there right now and just recently had hoped for a visitor. So, my sister will still have a great time with family. And, what could have been a negative story has turned out to be a great twist of events for our parents.

In the meantime the sisters’ rendez vous in Paris will have to be another day!!


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