Posted by: gmontealegre | April 22, 2010

Union County Women’s Political Caucus

Union County Women Political Caucus 2010

Asw Quijano reviewing citation from Cong. Lance, NJ

(L-R) Hon. Quattrocchi, Asw Quijano, Asw Muñoz, Cmsr Velez

My friend Assemblywoman Annette Quijano was honored last night by the Union County Women’s Political Caucus during their Annual Notable Women in Politics Reception in Union County. The honorees included Patricia Quattrocchi, and NJ Department of Human Services Commissioner Jennifer Velez.

Ms. Quattrocchi, a Committee Woman and former candidate for Freeholder in Union County, with a long history of public service in Garwood, said she grew up in a household of women. Her mom was one of three sisters and her grandmother was one of four sisters where there was nothing a women could NOT do. She learned to change the oil in her car and did all things she needed to do and never said, ” I can’t do this because I am a woman”.

Asw. Quijano, who grew up in South Jersey and previously served on the NJ Congressional Redistricting Commission and as counsel to three NJ governors, including many other positions she has held in the public and private sectors, said she too grew up in a female household where her mom and grandmother were great influences. At the age of 15 she led a community petition drive to protest the local cable’s company decision to withdraw Spanish language programming. She was successful with the petition drive and we could say that was the beginning of her community activism. Quijano said she grew up knowing that if you want something, “You have to work for it”.

Commissioner Velez, who has a long history of public service for New Jersey State government, heads the NJ Department of Human Services, the largest department in state government with over 16,000 employees said, “Life is different when women are in charge.”

She said it all.

NOTE: To join the Women’s Political Caucus email Lisa Kaado, newly elected president of the Union County Women’s Political Caucus, at The Union County Women’s Political Caucus of New Jersey was founded in 1979 as an affiliate of both the State Chapter,  and the National Women’s Political Caucus. The Women’s Political Caucus is a multi-partisan organization dedicated to increasing the number of progressive women in elected and appointed positions in government, and promoting equal rights for women. To learn more visit,


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