Posted by: gmontealegre | April 23, 2010

Message from Paris…

My sister has arrived in Paris from Bologna, two days after she expected to be there but sooner than officials has said airplaines would resume flying, after the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano erupted on March 14. She had been stranded in Naples, Italy since Tuesday and unable to travel out of the city.

But she has just arrived in Paris and thru the magic of the internet she sent the below message.

She is happy to be there but currently settling the pressure of dealing with her damaged cell phone which broke during the trip.  As a result of this, she has been relying on her computer to get word out  and her office back in the United States to get retrieve and convey her messages to clients.

A lot of pain for her, but for me, I was just thrilled her message. Here’s a bit of what she said, “Nena, just arrived in Paris….cell phone broken…my office is giving me data via email…”

Will see what else she’ll tell us when she gets home.


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