Posted by: gmontealegre | May 16, 2010

TO THE CATS & DOGS with the vaccine


Friday was the last day to get your dog or cat vaccinated in my town. Owners and their pets made it to the Firehouse and lined up to get their pets vaccinated and keep them free of rabies. It’s an event you want to see. Some pets get very excited to see the other animals and can’t stand still. They bark, they jump up and down, they run around, they pull their masters away from the line, and they get the other pets agitated. And so, their owners to avoid caos must place them back in their car and wait there for their turn. Other pets seem to handle the situation better, they bark and run around but more under control. They say hello to the other dogs and get petted by others. Usually the best behaved pet becomes the darling of the line and all the other owners come up to it and pet it and say how cute and well-behaved it is. To the delight of their owners their pet becomes the darling of the bunch.  And so its a site to see the masters and their pets wait in line. 

But beware your pet can also experience reactions to the vaccine.

Should your pet swell up or is visibly agitated after the vaccine

you should be sure to take your pet immediately to the vet.

For more information

on symptons

your pet could experience visit this site:

A Dashhound and her Master waiting their turn..

A Doverman Pincher waiting calmy and very well behaved

Don’t want

to come too late on the last day, because you’ll have to wait…


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