Posted by: gmontealegre | May 21, 2010


A trip to New York and a visit to the  National Hispana Leadership Institute’s,  NY Latina Empowerment Conference, was how I started my day.

It was a  great time to share with other Latinas from NY & NJ about success and balancing career and family.

The conference was sponsored by State Farm Insurance Companies and co -sponsored by AARP and Amway Global, with their Top-level Latinas in management positions sharing their experiences and secrets to success.

Very lively was the lecture on “unleashing your Genius” —like the title says…we all have it. And it even has a color…my friend’s Genius is Green. ….Mine….red and gold.

The Conference featured:

Cristina Lopez, NHLI President

Zulma X. Barrios, Senior Advisor, Gallup University

Gina Rudan, of Genuine Insights, with her presentation about Unleashing your “Genius”

Arisa Batista Cunningham, Vice President Global Diversity, Johnson & Johnson

Kristen Palacios, Agent, State Farm Insurance Companies

Lillian Rodriguez Lopez, President, Hispanic Federation

Magda Yrizarry, Workplace Culture, Diversity and Compliance, Verizon

Vice President Multicultural Markets, AARP Raquel “Rocky” Egusquiza,

Helen Dorado Alessi, Senior Vice President, The Early Years Institute

Elsa Vega-Perez, Executive Director, SotoRico Productions

and tools for navigating a tough economy.

By the way, the National Hispana Institute hosts various programs for student and mid-career professionals with lectures held in Washington DC and at the Kennedy School of Business at Harvard U.


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