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The Polish Community in Linden

My town has an international flavor with more than 100 languages spoken at our local schools and a very pronounced presence of people from Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. Most visible are the Slovaks, Russians, Ukrainians, Turks, Czecks, and Polish nationalities.

Perhaps the most visible group is the Polish Community.

The Polish Community stands out not only for their numbers in the population but also for their success in business and their entrepenurial savy.  Their presence is evident in Linden’s banking, food industry and services.

Since the days of Ellis Island from 1899-1931 when more than 1.5 Million Polish immigrants came to the US, the Polish people have been coming to the US seeking to live the American Dream.  In the 1930s they actually replaced the Germans as the largest immigrant group.

In Linden, they make up 18.0% of the 39,162 residents who reside here.

The Polish Community is the largest ethnic group in Linden outnumbering all the other groups. By comparison: Italians make up 10.3% of the Linden’s population, Latin Americans almost 10.4%, Irish 9.0%, Germans 6.8%, West Indians 4.4% and the Portuguese 3.1%.

If you drive on Wood Avenue you’ll see and feel the flavor of this community. Families walking by strolling the children, running errands and shopping at their favorite deli or supermaket.

I asked Olga, as she exited the C&C Polish Delicatessen Bratek on Price Street, with her children, what she thought about the Polish businesses in Linden.

She said although she is from Russia, the Polish food resembles the food she grew up eating as a child, and she shop here because she prefers the meat products to the general supermarket choices.

Some Polish businesses in Linden are: The Pulaski Meat Products. This is one of the most successful businesses in the Center of town, with parking in the back for its customers. The place is always busy and buzzing with excitement.

There’s Polska Agenecja, an ITD Insurance Company, and the Polish Deli, near the train station.

There are two main entertainment spots in Linden where people gather. Studio One on St. Georges Avenue next to the Dunkin Donuts and closer to town on Price Street is  Amsterdam Alley.

At Amsterdam Alley folks come to watch the football games specially now as the World Soccer Cup Championship approaches.

Polish websites you can visit to learn more about the Polish Community are:\

Events: Coming Event June 6, 2010 Polish Heritage Festival in Homdel, NJ.


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