Posted by: gmontealegre | May 22, 2010


Just came home from a wedding in NJ…what a beautiful event…but cannot show you pictures…the bride asked that her guests not place pix on the web….so I am obliging…no pix…

just know that I had a great time…I met people from Curacao (the land where they speak Papiamento….a language that is made up of French, English, Spanish & Dutch)…most people from Curacao speak Spanish, Dutch and English. Multi-lingual. I also met folks from Barbados and from NJ, USA.

The wedding ceremony was private but the reception was not. And we were able to enjoy the festivities. We had mimosas and red and white sangria. The best. the Food was FANTABULOUS!! great taste. I had a NY Strip, others had chicken marsala and others had pasta ..but the chef was a professional. The bridal cake was superb…light, soft sweet and not “empalagoso”.

The bride was beautiful…she wore white..short mini…she was a great dancer and surely enjoyed herself. She made it to every table and made all of us feel wanted, noticed and like we were there.

The husband was also a great guy…he seems to be the perfect husband, quiet, friendly, loving, hard-working and I heard him say..”Yes dear”.

Her family, cousins and friends were tall as oak trees..friendly, engaging and a pleasure to be with.

This was perhaps the best wedding I have been to.

He was born on Valentine’s Day-  the same day as my son….

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