Posted by: gmontealegre | November 5, 2010


Edison Pena as he received his name tag to run the NYC Marathon

Nov. 4, 2010: Imagine all that is going thru Edison Pena’s mind as he arrived at JFK airport today. Having been trapped beneath the earth for almost 70 days in a gold and copper mine in Chile with 32 others..and now he is at the center of the universe, the captial of the world in New York City. Edison Pena has been on a whirlwind of appearances and interviews since surfacing last Oct 13 in Copiopo. He was the 12th miner to surface when the world tuned-in to see the rescue of the Chilean miners.  Edison is in New York because the New York Road Runner’s Club learned he ran inside the mine to motivate himself to stay alive while he was trapped. So hoping he would want to ride along runners and be an spectator, the NYCRRC sent out their invite, and to their surprise Edison said he wanted to run the marathon.

Edison said he ran inside the mine to participate in his own rescue. He said he wanted God to know he wanted to live and so he cut his work boots ankle high and he ran about six miles every day. Before the miners were located he ran in the dark and after they were located via  a long tube they received lights and other amenities, and though he was able to see better, it was still very dark.  He would run deep into the mine with his  iPod and listening to  Elvis Presley’s music. In the picture Edison is seeing pulling a plank as part of his daily exercise after or before running. He said he also ran to tell the mine that he was going to win and that he was going to get out. And so, Edison is here and was welcome today by the NYRRC and an adoring public who saw him get of the plane and who will undoubtedly give him support during the race. Edison is in  NYC along with his wife, Angelica. On the David Letterman Show tonight he said he is living it up because he may not get another chance to return. By the way, Edison will be one of 49,000 runners expected to run this Sunday. The Marathon (26.2 miles) starts at the Verazzano Narrows Bridge in Staten Island and winds thru all the New York City Boroughs (Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx). It concludes in Manhattan at Central Park. Elite runners finish in about 2 hours and 09 minutes. Edison says he has never run this distance and though he has a bum knee his goal is to finish. He estimates it will take him about six hours. Wishing Edison Pena the best..!! can’t wait to tune-in this Sunday.


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