Posted by: gmontealegre | December 3, 2010

LUPE & Sen. Menendez at the Women’s Political Caucus of New Jersey

LUPE Members attended tonight’s awards dinner held by the Women’s Political Caucus of New Jersey (WPCNJ). The  WPCNJ celebrates women’s achievements in politics as well as the men who have supported them throughout the year. Senator Menendez, a member of NJ’s Delegation to Washington D.C., received the “Good Guy Award” for his  leadership in advancing policies in support of women. The Senator credited his mother Evangelina as his inspiration for all the bills he has introduced in Congress and for the work he does day to day.

LUPE’s Madam Chair Noemi Velazquez was joined by Grissele Camacho, former LUPE Board Member and former Associate Counsel to Governor Corzine and Linda Aristondo, and Ivette Franco, Administrator for Senator Barbara Buono, including LUPE Board Members Margarita Muñiz, Gloria E. Soto, Iveth Mosquera, Ednin Martinez, Peggy Anastos and Gloria Montealegre.

Sen. Menendez receives "Good Guy" Award by WPCNJ

The annual event is held not only to recognize women in public office but to encourage women to achieve equality.  The WPCNJ is the only bipartisan women’s organization in NJ (since 1972) whose mission is simply to advocate for women and to be a source of information for all.

Senator Menendez announced he will introduce the Equal Rights Amendment in the Senate before the end of the year. He will be seeking co-sponsors and will be working hard to get the bill passed because he believes his mother would be happy with him and would think this is the right thing to do for all women and every American who believes in equal rights, fairness, and in the kind of values he learned from her.

LUPE Board Members and friend Ivette Franco from Sen. Buono's Office

Senator Menendez and Members of LUPE's Board

LUPE's Gloria E. Soto with Senator Menendez as he greets participants

Madam Chair Noemi Velazquez and Peggy Anastos, LUPE Board Member

Sen. Menendez at WPCNJ dinner

Participants at WPCNJ


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