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LUPE new leadership for the New Year

Madam Chair Noemi Velazquez begins end of year LUPE Meeting

LUPE (Latinas United for Political Empowerment) held their end of the year meeting and election of new officers tonight to select a new leadership that will see the organization thru 2011. The meeting and Holiday Party organized by the incoming president Margarita Muñiz, Milly Reed and others was held at AVL Center in the offices of Lowenstein Sandler in Roseland, NJ.

LUPE members gathered.

The evening was topped with the lovely parting gift LUPE President- Elect Muñiz presented to Noemi Velazquez. “In keeping with tradition we are presenting the Lupe logo on tile to Noemi giving her thanks for a great job and for putting the fire under our feet to keep us on goal and the mission of LUPE,” said Ms. Muñiz.

Noemi Velazquez receives LUPE Logo on Tile presented by LUPE incoming Chair Margarita Muñiz

Outgoing Madam Chair said this had been one of the best positions she has held in her life.

In summing this year’s work Madam Chair said some events this year needed more energy, though some were “a smashing success” as the Young Latina Leadership Conference held in October 2010.  And two other of LUPE’s signature events as The Power of Women, an awards program, and Eleccion Latina, a program sponsored together with the Center for American Women in Politics at Eagleton Institute, Rutgers University that offers training and advise to women entering politics  She said she would like to see more Cafe con LUPE and that LUPE continue to collaborate with other organizations  Latina organizations and women organizations to further network. And as always quoted her grandmother’s favorite sayings, “el hombre piensa pero la mujer deja que pensar” (men think but women leave you thinking).  And she also urged LUPE to continue working hard. She said if “given the chance to dance or sit, I hope you dance,” she said. And, “Caminando se llega lejos pero se tiene que tomar el primer paso” (walking we can get far but you have to take the first step).

Iveth Mosquera, Correspondence Secretary and Emcee extraordinaire

The new officers for 2011 are:

Margarita Muñiz, Chair;

Margaret “Peggy” Anastos, Vice Chair;

Margie Lopez, Treasurer;

Iveth Mosquera, Correspondence Secretary;

Gloria Montealegre, Recording Secretary.

Incoming Madam Chair Margarita Muñiz said she is, “Pleased , proud, and privileged to have been elected President of LUPE.   We have to continue the work of this phenomenal organization.”

LUPE Members and new member Sara Pena

Muñiz quoted Dr. Emeterio Betances, known as the Educator of the Caribbean, as an inspiration.

She quoted his famous words, “Trabajar es producir y producir es servir a la humanidad” (To work is to produce and to produce is to serve humanity). She said we are tremendous women, “mujeronas”.

Among some of the new work ahead for LUPE is to develop a scholarship program for young scholars and to plan LUPE’s signature events for 2011.

For now the new board will take LUPE’s leadership in January 2011. To learn more about LUPE visit

Incoming Madam LUPE Chair Margarita Muñiz



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