Posted by: gmontealegre | December 10, 2010

Sign of Fall

Fall leaves can produce stress, neighborly anguish and insecurites.I’ve heard my neighbors said, “maybe they are mad at us because they did not pick up our leaves.” Or, “I have to leave the game, I have to go home and rake the leaves.” “I can’t go out I have leaves to pick up.”

Picking leaves

So, today was a great day in my neighborhood.

The City sent all its greatest machinery to pick up the leaves on my block. What a beautiful scene.

The trucks first sweep the curb. Then, rake the leaves together into piles at the corners. Then they get loaded to a truck that totes them away.

Then for the stubborn piles that are left….they call in the large-scale vacuum cleaner to pick up the leaves.

And this goes on and on until the work is done.

picking up the piles

The piles on the corner tell the story of the mounting job.

But unrelentless workers go at it and in less than an hour blocks on end are done.

Who knows if they know how much we appreciate their work.

And who knows …but I know my neighbors often would like to know just when and how the leaves are picked up.

the large-scale vacuum















So on this sunny, chilly day this was the scene.

And when folks got home from work their leaves were gone.



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