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NEWARK, N.J. – The children smiled as they received the sports-inspired beach towels donated by LUPE at La Casa de Don Pedro, University Hospital’s (UH) Pediatric Ward at UMDNJ, and the UH Auxiliary in the City of Newark last Friday.

Albert Perrella, Margarita Muñiz, Iveth Mosquera & Martha Bahamon

The towels featured the logos from popular sports teams and entertainment entities such as the Mets, Yankees, Hello Kitty and Disney and were distributed to the children, ages four to 14, with the assistance of Margarita Muñiz, chair of the non-profit civic organization LUPE (Latinas United for Political Empowerment) Sara Peña, Gloria Montealegre of LUPE; Albert A. Perrella, Child Life Specialist in the Department of Pediatrics, UMDNJ – University Hospital, Iveth Mosquera, Project Manager at UMNDJ-New Jersey Medical School and Martha Bahamon of the Foundation of UMDNJ.  Additional towels will be distributed to children with the assistance of Ms. Minnie Presley, president of the UH Auxiliary.

At La Casa de Don Pedro, Ray Ocasio, Executive Director, and his staff assisted with the distribution of the towels.  The children’s dance troop at La Casa de Don Pedro performed several dances before the guests as a show of appreciation and to demonstrate the skills learned during their participation in La Casa’s after school program.

La Casa de Don Pedro's dance troop

Muñiz with several LUPE members delivered the towels to the children.  The towels were donated to LUPE by AVON’s Feed the Children Foundation.

Muñiz said LUPE’s goal this year is to increase its outreach to every county in New Jersey and to be a positive force with Latinas.

“We will have Café con LUPE in Passaic next month to meet  with the first Latina ever-elected to head a political organization,” she said.

“Our focus is on women and we aim to engage women and to encourage them to become more involved in their community whether in politics or civic endeavors.”


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