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Tree felled by storm on Mc Candless Street in Linden Aug 8 at about 6pm

Linden, NJ, August 9, 2011:  As the rain started Monday about 5:00 p.m. people took cover and went indoors. Suddenly the sky turned black and wind swirling kicking leaves all around blew and roared.  As the wind blew, the trees swayed and branches flew everywhere.  A young man walking home from the library took refuge with about six children in the recreation house at Dobson Park on Curtis Street.  “The branches were coming straight at us,” he said.  ” Thanks to the counselor who quickly opened the door to the give us cover, noone was injured.” Down the street on Mc Candless Street a tree toppled down onto the tennis courts. Later it was reported that a family on Union Street was trapped in their house for some time when a tree fell.  The Linden Fire Department and Department of Public Works worked feverishly to remove the family safely from the location.  Glad to know they are alright today. None were injured.

Craig Beecher, Linden Tree Director

Today the work went on to remove the debris.   The authorities said this was a severe storm that hit Linden specially hard.  According to Craig Beecher, Tree Director of Linden, his crews worked all night and day to remove approximately 15 trees that fell in the Fourth and Third Wards where the storm hit the worst.  The area is about four blocks and was considered the most devastated in Linden. Luckly residents only suffered lack of electricity and damage to the property.  No fatalities and no injuries were reported.

The Linden Public Works Department brought out heavy machinery and equipment, including a state-of-the-art cherry picker that sent a man up to the highest tree top to remove broken tree limbs and toppled trees.

  The men all worked in unisom and while      the fence crew removed the heavy steel

from the tennis courts others took care  of the remnants of the felled trees.

All this could not keep the children away from Martin Luther King Park in the Fourth Ward soon after the DWP’s work was done.   Although the costs have not been estimated, there will be costs incurred to replace and fix the damage caused by the swirling, twirling storm that passed through Linden’s Third and Fourth Ward last night.

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