Posted by: gmontealegre | September 22, 2011

Tennis Court Fence Fixed

#Linden, NJ- The broken fences left by the storms that preceded tropical storm Irene, the hurricane that beat down the Eastern Coast of the United States last month, were repaired today in Linden.

Crews from the Linden Department of Public Works worked diligently to repair the Fourth Ward’s Tennis Courts.

A large portion of the fence was destroyed by a high elevated tree that fell on the southeast corner of the courts.

Metal studs remained in the ground where the fence stood and the area was cordoned off with the yellow “caution” tape.

Today crews from the Linden’s Department of Public Works were back to fix it and put the courts back to use by Linden residents. Luckily the cost to fix the fencing will be picked up by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA),  and not by the City of Linden, since Linden qualified for assistance.

Many locations in New Jersey were able to receive funding from FEMA to make repairs to their towns after the State was declared under “emergency”.  The heavy down pours and heavy rains affected  New Jersey and many states along the Eastern Coast of the U.S. flooding roadways and creating hazardous conditions as the rain swept homes, cars, and swelled rivers to the point where thousands had to be evacuated and others rescued when their homes were overtaken by the running waters. Trees fell on electricity lines and many were left without energy.

Job done! Fourth Ward Tennis Courts

The timely repairs have made the community whole and tax payers are getting to see their contributions at work and a City that responds in a timely manner to their needs.

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