Posted by: gmontealegre | October 5, 2011

CORY Booker testing the water

Newark, NJ (October 4, 2011) – Although mayoral elections are not until 2014, Mayor Cory Booker addressed a full house tonight to ask for “more time.”

Mayor Booker says he wants more time to do what he loves to do "run the City of Newark."

More time to do what he said he likes to do best, “run the city of Newark.”

The Mayor highlighted his accomplishments singling out efforts in housing for veterans, expanding school programs, securing funding, and taking back the Newark waterfront, among other accomplishments.

“In the midst of housing  crisis, we have built housing for military veterans,” he said.

We have created a national model to prevent foreclosures, and our City Council prioritized our kids by rebuilding parks and school stadiums, the stadium where the Olympic tryouts were held in 1935,” said Booker.

He said Newark is building two new high rises, the first in 40 years since the City was built.  He said thru Brick City Development and its chair Councilman Carlos Gonzalez, the City has helped businesses such at Pitney Bowes and Audible.Com relocate to Newark and hire city residents.

He also announced that 50 police officers will be rehired by December via a federal grant.

The Mayor embraced the City Council and was thankful to the Council for pulling ranks behind him when work needed to be done on behalf of Newark residents.

He said, “We are Brick City, not for its architecture, but because we are tough, strong, resilient, there’s nothing we cannot create.” He said unlike Washington D.C. where government is “broken” in Newark,  “We come together.”

“President Obama does not have the same situation,” Booker said.

He saw President Obama this week and said the President “looked so frustrated.”

He said, “This is the man who could do something immediately to help the people of Newark…but the people in Washington won’t.”

His speech resonnated with many of the elected officials present such as County Executive Joe DeVincenzo, Senator Teresa Ruiz, Assemblyman Coutihno and Newark City Council members Carlos Gonzalez, Anibal Ramos, and Donald Payne, Jr., and members of the Newark School Board.

Mayor Booker concluded the evening with an energetic appeal for support, getting everyone to their feet.

“It’s time to keep marching forward.”

” I need more time.”

“Let everyone see us raise!” said the Mayor.


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