Posted by: gmontealegre | October 14, 2011


(Union, NJ) October 13, 2011  – The flag football game between teachers and Union High School seniors went on tonight without a word about teacher Viki Knox, who became the center of attention this weekend for using her Facebook page to bash homosexuality and the school for celebrating gay, lesbian and transgender month.

Many of the students we talked to tonight said they had “sort of heard about the teacher but did not know fully what was going on”.

Mike Dietrick, a junior at Union High School, who claimed Ms. Knox is his teacher said, “all the teachers were talking about her,” he said .  “But the students were not.”

A student who did not want to be identified said her history teacher told her class there was a teacher in trouble but that he could not say anything more, other than to tell them they would hear about it on the evening news.

The student said Ms. Knox was “disrespectful” for bashing gays.

“She is being a bully towards gay students,” she said.  “We talk about bullying, but here we have a teacher bullying gays.”

“I’m a Christian and I would not say that about gay people,” she said.

Other students who also did not want their names mentioned said the teacher has a rough personality and she is really “straight forward.”

The students who spoke to this reporter said they heard that other students went on the teacher’s Facebook page calling for her to be fired for what she said. None of the students we spoke to were Facebook friends with the teacher.

According to the Associated Press, officials in New Jersey are investigating claims that teacher Viki Knox posted remarks in her Facebook page that describe homosexuality as “perverted” and said it “breeds like cancer.”

Reports said the teacher did not approve Union High celebrating gay, lesbian and transgender month, allegedly posting on her website, “UHS is not the setting to promote, encourage homosexuality.”

A staff member who identified herself only as the Director of Events for Sports said she did not know enough about the case to talk about it.  She said her attention was on the game tonight.


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