Posted by: gmontealegre | December 5, 2011

Pumping gas with a smile

Linden, NJ (Dec 4, 2011) – Waleska Uceta has been pumping gas at the Sam’s gas station for over a year.  She says she loves her job and most importantly it helps her pay the bills for her family.

But how did she get started in this position?

“I hurt my back when I was working at Sam’s in Secaucus and the company looked for alternatives for me.  They mentioned this location and although I was embarassed at first. I love my job now.”

What about the cold?

“Just got to wear many layers of warm cothes.”

What about the men?  How do they treat you?

“They were concerned at first but we have become friends. They treat me as one of the guys.”

Sam's Gast station

Sergio (who did not want us to use his last name) works side by side with Waleska and he said she is “one of the guys.”  “She works just as hard and she is dependable.”

According to the U.S. Labor Department in 2010 over 65 Million women were working with many concentrating in education, health services, trade, transportation, utilities and local government.

To make her commute easier, Waleska has move closer to her job so she can keep working.

She said her children at first did not want to tell their friends where their mother worked but that has changed.

Waleska pumping gas

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