Posted by: gmontealegre | January 28, 2012

Linden Library: A joy to visit and use

January 28, 2012:  Linden’s Public Library is now at par with any library in the modern world offering its patrons the facility to read and use its service via the Internet.  Consider this, now you can borrow books online, renew them over the phone and get emails from the library when your items are due.

Linden Library at Henry Street, Linden, NJ

I just picked up a notice printed on a teal blue paper that says, “We now have the option to e-mail you our notices for overdue items or reserve items…” the message goes on to also let us know we have free access to use approximately 16 computers on the 2nd floor.

And just last night I was able to download my favorite pass time book by Deepak Chopra on my PC.  I’m thrilled to hear Chopra’s voice as he reads the book to me.  It’s like having an audio book.

But that’s not all …the Linden Library is also saving our tax payers money by investing close to $9 Million dollars on a brand new state-of-the art, three story structure with 24,000 ft of space and wireless access.  In addition to that, solar panels were installed as part of the Union County Improvement Authority’s plan and in an effort to reduce Linden’s electric bill for the library.


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