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Gilert Nolasco’s painting in the middle

LINDEN, N.J. (Thursday, May 31, 2012) –  Gilbert Nolasco and his parents were strolling down Linden’s Promenade to enjoy the cool afternoon air and the music coming from the band shell. But on their minds was also to visit Gilbert’s painting which was on display.

This was Gilbert’s first time entering an art contest and he didn’t know what to expect.

After a few steps he found the teen arts display– and there it was –smack in the middle of the gallery, among the Statue of Liberty renditions and self portraits– was Gilbert’s painting of a young boy in front of the U.S. flag.

A few minutes went by and Gilbert said,  “I actually feel proud to have my painting here.”

The  fifth grader at School One was so proud of himself.

“It’s the first time I think of myself as a painter.”

He pauses and looks at the painting again.

“Now I think this is what I am going to do in my life.”

He smiles and off he went with his parents reviewing stand after stand of art work.

Nolasco’s painting is part of Linden’s celebration of the 37th Anniversary of the All City Music and Art Festival 2012, which was held Thursday evening at the Linden Promenade on Wood Avenue.

Students k-12 artwork, sculptures, and paintings

Approximately 200 students representing all Linden public schools are exhibiting their art work.

It’s the first time the art festival has been held outdoors. It’s usually held at the Linden High School but wanting to open it up to the general public and taking advantage of the beautiful weather, organizers decided to have it outdoors this year.

Temporary galleries were built on the plaza to feature the artwork, drawings, paintings and sculptures from Linden students in grades k-12.

The Linden High School Concert Band, LHS Dance Company, Linden’s Combined Middle Schools Band and Combined Elementary chorus provided the music and dance.

Denise Cleary, Dir of Linden Fine & Performing Arts (on the microphone)

“The festival is a great opportunity to showcase the talent of our students,” said Denise Cleary, Linden High School Director of Fine & Performing Arts.

“And this year for the first time we are having it outdoors thanks to the Linden Recreation Department and the Mayor’s Office who were so helpful.

Linden Boosters selling T-shirts added to the festive spirit

“We were thinking of doing something a little different this year and we thought about doing it here, thanks to the weather, it’s turning out to be a beautiful event.”

High School freshmen Samantha, Kia and Brianna came by.

“Some of our friends are here and we came to support them,” said Samantha.

As the music played on the people paraded around to the festive sounds.

In the meantime, Agnes and her youngest son Gabriel were hurrying to catch a seat, “My older son is playing in the band,” she said.



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