Posted by: gmontealegre | July 19, 2012

Candlelight Vigil for Amber Wilson

Linden – The street was filled with kids from the cheerleading team, recent graduates from Linden High School who were her friends and strangers who were moved by her story.

All came together to honor young 18-year-old happy    go-lucky Amber Wilson who became the latest victim of gun violence.Candlelight vigil in Linden

According to accounts, Wilson may have known her killer.

Sources told police she started arguing with two suspects who approached her and her friend at about 12:30 p.m. on July 10, 2012 as the two friends walked home.


She apparently said to one of the guys that she was going to
“call her brother to deal with them”.

But all this is hearsay.

The police or the Union County Prosecutor’s Office are not elaborating.

And in Linden, a sense of fear among young people who were looking forward to the summer.

The kids say they were looking forward to a time to stay out late, congregate with friends at local spots, and relax.

Walking down Wood Avenue a young girl and her friends were headed to the Linden Pool.  She said, “We are tired of this.

“Shootings for no reason.

“I knew Amber. We grew up together.  We were just together the night before she was shot.”

“It’s just not right.”

Mayor Gerbounka said nothing he says will heal the family but he can sure “promise the Linden Police will not stop this investigation until they locate the perpetrators.”

This was the fourth murder in Union County this summer.


Authorities are not saying what is causing the increase in violence, though many suspect it may be related to gang activity.







  1. 5th anniversary of AMBER DUNCAN murder. PLEASE FIND HER KILLER LINDEN,P.D., come on now. other “cases”of my race are caught faster and more news coverage.and yes i am white saying it. LET’S get this man caught and MORE news coverage should be on this sweet girl case,and it’s not i am angry about that. so sad.
    AMBER, we remember you,as my friends in nj. rip.
    Just aint right.

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