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Fourth Ward’s Cleveland Avenue Park

to re-open

For over a year, the children on Cleveland Avenue have not been able to use their park because a fire last year destroyed the play area and the only attraction where the children played.

Since then officials, Mayor Richard Gerbounka, and the Linden Recreation Department have been working to get the park back in shape for the children.

Gary Luciano, Deputy at the Recreation Department, who helped with the solicitation of funds from Union County, funds matched by the City of Linden, said the park will be completed this year at a cost of over $100,000 dollars.

“You can’t punish all the kids because of the actions of others and parents should be able to bring the children to the park and not worry about the safety of their children,” said Luciano.

The Cleveland Avenue Park, located between Bower and Mc Candless Streets, will reopen sometime next month and Mayor Richard Gerbounka is expected to be on hand to welcome the community back to the park and open it to the children.

City workers have been working on the new park since March clearing the area of debris, trees that were damaged because of the fire and making the preparations for the new swings and recreation apparatus.

New play structure for the children. Park renovations to cost the City of Linden and Union County over $100,000.

The park will have a new design that will include a gym and simulated tree house as its centerpiece and an open area for fun and relaxation.

The children will be able to slide, jump and play hide and seek once more when the yellow caution tapes come off the front entrance and the workers conclude the landscaping and placing the final touches.

“Whatever we do in the park there will be an area so kids who just want to run around should be able to run around,” he said.

Should people see anybody damaging the park he advised call the police.

Luciano said, “People who graffiti and damage any part of the park are damaging public property and that is just not fair to the children.  They are the ones that suffer.  Call the police.”

Linden has 35 parks within its city ( limits that offer lighted basketball, tennis and handball courts, with open spaces for playing football, soccer, Frisbee, including areas for ice-skating, skate boarding, picnic areas and more.

Some of the parks honor our history and famous residents such as Woodrow Wilson, James Dobson, Dr. Martin Luther L. King, James Iozzi and Wanda Anita Green, among others.

The Anita Green Park, located at Grier Avenue and Mack Place, honors Anita Green, a 9/11 hero who was a stewardess on United Airlines Flight 93.  Flight 93 passengers and crew took over the airplane from high jackers diverting it from attacking our nations capital Washington D.C. on September 11, 2001.

The Cleveland Avenue Park sits of a ½ acre lot, protected by trees and areas for picnic and relaxation.

The children will be able to use the park when it opens from 9 a.m. till dusk.

The community will be invited to attend the grand opening according to the Mayor’s Office.


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