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Autumn Park Renovations in Linden

(Linden, N.J.) – Public parks and green open spaces are necessary for the health and physical well-being of people –and more so for those who live in densely populated urban areas such as Linden. This year projects, for almost $975,000 approved for Union County thru the New Jersey Green Acres Program, is allowing municipalities like Linden to make improvements to their parks.

Linden’s Department of Public Works is renovating and upgrading at least eight of the 35 public parks here, according to Corey Coplan, supervisor for the Linden Department of Public Works.

From now until the weather permits as many parks as possible will be getting their due uplift.  Coplan said his crew is getting all the work done.

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They measure the distance between poles, fill them with cement, even them out and and finally install the fence.

Linden Mayor Richard Gerbounka said the work is being done now is part of the town’s maintenance program. He said, “Many of the parks fencing throughout Linden is old and we are trying to replace different parks fencing on an annual basis so the cost is spread out over a period of years rather than one big hit.”

At the Martin Luther King Park on Mc Candless and Bower Streets the poles and preparation for the work took place between October 15 and the 16th.  The crew should be finished by Thursday according to Gary Luciano, deputy director of the Linden Dept of Public Works.

The renovations are possible thru matching grants by New Jersey’s Green Acres Program, which was created in 1961 to meet New Jersey’s growing recreation and conservation needs.

Together with public and private partners, Green Acres will provide approximately $62 million dollars to continue protecting New Jersey’s green and open spaces.

Since 1961, Green Acres has protected over 650,000 acres of open space and acquired over 1.4 million acres.

Open space and recreation are critical to the quality of life of New Jerseyans as well as visitors to this great State. New Jersey is home to nearly every kind of recreation opportunity that exists.

Public lands provide for fishing, hiking, boating, skiing, birding, and generally soaking up the sun said the department of Environment Protection in a release.

For more information visit.

For now Lindenites will be able to enjoy their park and look forward to families breathing and living easier amidst the asphalt and concrete.


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