Posted by: gmontealegre | April 11, 2013

Catholics in Linden do as Pope Francis asks

Approximately ten thousand catholic churches will heed the call by Pope Francis to take religion out to the people and open their doors.

Such was the case this past Sunday, when members of the St. Elizabeth of Hungry Church and St. John the Apostle Church led a procession thru the streets of Linden, N.J. to bring the word to an open space at Linden City Hall.

Parishioners brought their guitars and violins and played along the prayers and personal testimonies from those gathered.

According to Walter Pitio, a parishioner, “The churches are taking part in processions and outdoor meetings because Pope Francis said to go out and announce the good news of the risen God.”

He said the gatherings are open to all and that is why they are holding them in a public and open space.

For the next four Sundays the gatherings will take place in the plaza at Linden City Hall at 4:00 pm.

Procession thru streets of Linden

Procession thru streets of Linden

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