Posted by: gmontealegre | April 29, 2013

Morris County Family Success Center celebrates anniversary

April 2013-  It’s been a year since Carlos Caprioli, has been at the helm of the Morris County Family Success Center in Dover, N.J. He is in charge of the center which provides services to families and their children. “So far we are having great success and I hope we continue that way,” he said during a reception held at the Center recently.

According to the Human Services Advisory Council which welcome Caprioli at their June 2012 meeting, the Morris County Family Success Center is “Under the Division of Children and Families, the Division of Family and Community Partnerships (DFCP) of the State of New Jersey.

The center receives funds from a statewide network of Family Success Centers that were developed as “one-stop” shops to provide resources and supports for families before they find themselves in crisis.

The Morris County the Family Success Center opened in 2012 at 73 Bassett Highway in Dover, NJ. and provides the following services:

  Information about health services for women, children and family members.

  Referrals to public and private social services.

  Information about safe and affordable housing.

  Assistance with job searches and preparation for employment interviews.

  Assistance with interpretation and completion of forms.

  Family activities for parents and children of all ages.

Fanery Valencia, president of the Board of Directors of the Morris County Family Success Center attended the anniversary celebration.  She said the center is necessary and she tries to help as much as possible, teaching computer classes and assisting parents:

The anniversary celebration included food and entertainment by Luis Martinez and his community trio.

Caprioli is no stranger to community service, he is also adjunct professor at the Gateway Program at Fairleigh Dickinson University that services new arrivals to this country who attend college and instruction in their own language.

About three years ago, he was publisher of the only Spanish-language newspaper in Dover, Latino News, which became a source of information for Latinos, but due to economic conditions the paper folded.
But Caprioli is not discouraged and he continues to be involved in the community.  Most recently he joined, the Sticker Shock Campaign, a campaign to deter liquor stores and adults from selling to minors.

To get in touch with the Morris County Family Success Center call  973 620-9711.

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