Posted by: gmontealegre | October 19, 2013


(Linden, NJ 10/19/13)  The street below the train overpass is no longer dingy and dark after a group of students and community volunteers got together to make it a better place for the visitors  and any one rushing on their way to the train station or to the center of town.  On Saturday, October 19 a group of seventh-graders from Soehl Middle School and their art teacher Ms. Lessa Faranda came to do their part in beautifying Linden and adding a word for  good will friendship and peace.

Leesa Faranda, 24, art teach at Soehl Middle School, brought ten of her students to paint among them, Mia Ortiz, Monique Boss, Janali Casanas, Diana Siwik, Azalea Matias, Shanique Boss and others.. about 1,000 feet along Pennsylania RR street remain open and Michael Aneson, whose idea made this possible, anyone can submit a request to the Mayor and paint on the remaining wall.


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