Posted by: gmontealegre | January 6, 2014

CURSES! in the New Year

(Linden, NJ Jan.5, 2014) It’s 2014! the dawn of a new year that brings with it the greatest use of technology and advancement with predictions that social media and mobil use will be at its max.


Melissa Mark Viverito, NYC Council Member

And, yet in the capital of the world, the symbol of modernism of the contemporary human being,  in New York City, a hopeful in the recent elections to the New York City Council has filed a 1 million dollar lawsuit alleging her opponent, Melissa Mark Viverito, a Latina of Puerto Rican descent,  put a curse on her last november by commissioning a mural of a parrot on the side of her building.



I thought I had heard it all in the war of race and politics…but to accuse a Latina of cursing its opponent and actually making her lose the recent elections for New York City Council is preposterous!!

And I am not the only one calling this farfetched.

Latinos in New York are calling this a “media hit job” – where the media plays sides and lets the opposition use it to advance its cause, this is what Angelo Falcon,  head of the National Institute for Latino Policy said:

As predicted here, the media “hit jobs” on the candidacy of Melissa Mark Viverito for NYC Council Speaker is (sic) already intensifying. The latest, which appears in the city’s two major tabloids, takes seriously an outrageous accusation by a political rival that Mark Viverito put a curse on her! She is taking Mark Viverito to court claiming that she conspired with the Museo del Barrio to have a mural painted on her building in the image of a butchered chicken to fu fu her!

To be sure, this story is worthy of publication as a tongue-in-cheek example of the politically absurd, but as the Daily News and theNew York Post wrote this up– as a serious story! It would appear that writers Barbara Ross, Corky Siemaszko and Julia Marsh would have viewed the 1987 movie, The Believers, starring Martin Sheen, as a documentary rather than the racist anti-Puerto Rican picture it was (Jimmy Smits gets killed in it).

In addition, they seamlessly weave in the implication that Mark Viverito received a subsidized city loan illegally when, as we explained earlier today, this was not the case! So a false accusation is added to the ridiculous charge of “Caribbean voodoo” to discredit Mark Viverito’s candidacy for Speaker. This has got to be major breach of journalistic ethics. Maybe the New York Press Club has some sort of ethics committee that can look into this. Hey, maybe the Latino community should write to their President, Larry Seary, about this at

Both the New York Post and the Daily News owe not only Melissa Mark Viverito, but the whole Puerto Rican and Caribbean population of this city an apology for this disgusting stereotyping and partisan political reporting. As I keep saying, ¡Esta gente estan del carajo!

—Angelo Falcón

Melissa Mark Viverito’s spokesperson said this is a waste of time.


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