Posted by: gmontealegre | March 17, 2014


The City of Linden will have mayoral elections this November and starting are the political platforms which are giving people lots to talk about.


Mayor Gerbounka “Sign the Petition Enough Taxes!!

First up is the mailing residents received this weekend from Mayor Richard Gerbounka asking them to sign a petition to change the current form of government.

The Mayor said enough to taxes and yes to the Faulkner Act form of government, a type of government that reduces the number of Council Members and allows residents to initiate policy changes via petitions by 10 per cent of the people who voted the year before.

The Mayor’s mailing cites a report from 1970, “Report of the Municipal Government Study Committee of City Linden,”  that  said 44 years ago that Linden’s form of government was:

SCAN01251.  Too fragmented

2.  The part-time council was not able to handle the demands of their job

3.  There’s little opportunity to modernize

4. No overall supervision or coordination of city matters

5.  Fragmented vision of needs

6.  The current system perpetuates wasteful practices and procedures


In essence the report said that Linden’s form of government –which has remained the same since the City Charter of 1897– was “obsolete” and “inadequate.”

The mayor added that the inefficiency of the current government allows control of the $93Million dollar budget in the hands of only 3 or 4 part-time council members.  The Mayor has no vote or veto power, he said.

The mayor would like the Faulkner Form of government for Linden where power is shared with residents and the elected officials alike.

He did not explain what “signing the petition” would do right now?

But no telling how people will reach to this.

Its only March and there still eight more months for rallying the troops.

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