Posted by: gmontealegre | October 31, 2014

Day of the Dead Observances popularized

Things you need to create your ALTAR during your celebration of the Day of the Dead November 1 and November 2:

In many Latin American Countries November 1st and November 2nd have a special meaning.   For those who practice the Catholic faith, November 1st is celebrated as “All Saints Day,” a day to remember loved ones who have died and a day of prayer so their souls do not get stuck in purgatory.  A sort of group prayer to help give the dead the extra push to heaven.  But whether you believe that or not, this religious observance is being surpassed today more and more by an observance first popularized in Mexico – “DAY OF THE DEAD” – an extraordinary way to celebrate and remember the dead.  In Mexico observers create colorful and intriguing altars in their homes and/or public places depicting the lives of their dead.  They feature skeletons dressed as nurses, doctors, engineers, construction workers, etc.  to embody the kinds of occupations they held. Decorative skulls and brightly colored chrysanthemums are also present in the altars. This celebration is now creating a new phenomenon becoming our new Cinco de Mayo celebration in November.

All commercialism aside – traditionalist will be building their altars to honor their dead.  Should you be interested it is simple and easy to do.  Set up a table and cover it with items that could include:  Pan de Muerto (dead of the death bread), pumpkins, water, food/drinks (those favored by the dead family members, friends, loved ones), decorative paper items, candles, incense, a crucifix, sugar cane skulls, pictures the dead, and bright orange, red, or yellow cempasuchil or chrysanthemums.  Its said that the chrysanthemums are spread on the sidewalk leading to the house where the altar is to help lead the way for the deceased.  The chrysanthemums show them the way.

Enjoy you Day of the Dead! 

IMG_5252 IMG_5253 IMG_5254 IMG_5255

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