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NJ authorities want RED LIGHT program to become permanent!

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New Official City of Newark Logo (2014)

Press conference participants call on state legislators and governor to act before program’s December 16 expiration, citing reductions in crashes

Newark, New Jersey – December 5, 2014 – Newark Mayor Ras Baraka, State Senators Richard Codey and Ronald Rice, and other mayors, state legislators, local elected officials, law enforcement officials and New Jersey traffic safety advocates held a news conference today in the Municipal Council Chamber in City Hall in Newark to urge renewal of the state’s red light camera program. City Hall is located at 920 Broad Street.

Participants highlighted the effectiveness of the cameras at reducing dangerous driving, red light running and the resulting injuries, as well as the impact cameras have as law enforcement force multipliers for police departments across the state. A list of participants is given below.

“Project Red Light is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do. The presence of the cameras causes drivers to think twice before darting into an intersection after the light has turned red,” Mayor Baraka said. “This program provides us with a means to deter dangerous driving behaviors and hold those who do break the law accountable. The reduction in crashes is encouraging, and we want this trend to continue to make Newark a safer city for our residents and visitors alike. Working with our state partners, our law enforcement agencies, and our safety advocates, we can continue to transform Newark into a City we can all believe in.”

The City of Newark compiled and analyzed data from the seven intersections with four years of operation. It shows total crashes in 2014 were down significantly in four years, including right-angle crashes, which are considered the most deadly type of auto collision.

Total Accident Reduction (All Types): 63-percent reduction
Right-Angle Crashes: 92-percent reduction
Same-Direction Crashes (Rear-End): 56-percent reduction

The following intersections experienced a reduction in crashes in 2014, compared to the year prior to safety camera installation:

Raymond Boulevard and Raymond Plaza West: 82-percent reduction
Broad Street and Raymond Boulevard: 79-percent reduction
Raymond Boulevard, Market Street and Prospect Street: 75-percent reduction
Broad Street and Murray Street: 67-percent reduction
Broad Street and Market Street: 32-percent reduction
Mulberry Street and Market Street: 25-percent reduction
McCarter Highway and South Street: no crashes reported

According to New Jersey State Police, more than 500 crashes occurred statewide in 2013. Traffic safety cameras are used by law enforcement across the country to deter reckless driving that leads to crashes, while also modifying driver behavior.


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To visit the City of Newark’s official photo galleries:
Participants in today’s press conference
Mayor Ras J. Baraka, Newark
State Senator Richard Codey, 27th Legislative District
State Senator Ronald C. Rice, 28th Legislative District
L. Grace Spencer, Assemblywoman, 29th Legislative District
Mayor Richard Gerbounka, Linden
Mayor Brian Wahler, Piscataway
Mayor Clifton Peoples, Union Township
City Councilor Joyce Waterman, Jersey City
Joe Chriscoulo, Business Administrator, Piscataway Township
Chief John Cook, Springfield
Chief Paul Morrison, Roselle Park
Janna Chernetz, Tri-State Transportation Campaign
Deputy Chief Howard Weimer, Monroe
Sgt. Mark Burton, Monroe
Lt. Mike Babulski, Linden
Director Don Zeiser, Union Township
William Dressel, Executive Director, New Jersey League of Municipalities


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