Click it or Ticket Campaign…see under posts..May 31 weekend

PETS need to be registered and vaccinated

SUMMER CAMP ck out Linden website for camp information and details www.linden-nj.org

Day camps are open to children in Linden from June-August (eight weeks). Kiddie Camp is limited to 50 children in grades 1st, 2nd, & 3rd.

Registration of $200 must be paid by May.

The Day camp is sponsored by the Linden Department of Recreation & Community Services.

For more information call  908-474-8600; or to register online visit:



Visit Linden Library on Henry Street.


My town is Linden, a working-class, sleepy town with beautiful streets and over 15 public parks. Population 39,000.  Median age 38 vs 36 for the State of NJ. Median income $56,000 vs NJ State’s $70,000+.

We have a Mayor and Council, a Library Board, School Board, Health Department, Police Department, Fire Department, Food Pantry, a downtown for shopping on Wood Avenue, a Post Office, an ice crean corner, coffee places and hair salons with barber shops and hip-hop cutters —and the most convenient public transportation ever, the NJ Transit Rail and Buses stop here.


ELECTIONS – we are very active political town with very active voters for School Boards, Mayoral and Council elections.



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